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In the time of Coronavirus: How To Support Those in Need

March 14, 2020

To our dear communi•tea,

We know you've received countless e-mails. Here, we're not aiming to add to the noise, but rather send our heartfelt hellos & support to you during these trying times. We sincerely hope everyone is able to make adjustments to their daily routines to stay healthy and well. And of course, we are here to reassure you that your matcha is 100% clean, safe, and handled with the utmost care. 

Here at Mizuba, we are incredibly fortunate to run a very small business that can function mostly from the safety of our homes. We are truly blessed and recognize that privilege. Our operations are largely unaffected and we are able to ship out matcha safely without interruption from our office, which is not open to the public. However — the reality is that so many of our dear friends, cafes, and partners are already seeing the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses. Our desire is to support those around us.

We ask that you will join us in considering how to support the amazing community businesses around you during this time. We have a few ideas:

Support local companies by buying directly from their online store. Many of your favorite coffee shops, cafes and retailers sell their coffee and other goods online. If you're planning on staying in for a bit, consider supporting the businesses you already know and love — even if it costs a little more than Amazon. 

Looking to get your coffee fix? Our friends at Dune Coffee Roasters, Temple Coffee, and Good Coffee all have amazing coffee and brewing equipment available online. (That's right — we don't hate on coffee! Get your jolt in the morning and even out with matcha in the afternoon 😎.) In fact, we have a map of the USA of all the shops we work with around the country if you need ideas of fun new coffee brands, restaurants, or juice bars to support. It is impossible to list all of our amazing friends here. The key thing is to support the wonderful businesses that make our world such a fun place to be.

Looking to de-stress? We're biased, but tea is a pretty amazing way to do so. Matcha contains quercetin, EGCG's, and that good good amino acid L-theanine that boosts your system. Obviously, we have a range of incredible Japanese teas, but we'd also love to shoutout our friends at Song Tea (when this is all over, you should definitely go visit their gorgeous tasting room in San Francisco). 

Anyway, look at these sweet people! Read on for a few bonus ideas below:

How to support your local barista

If you do go out, and if you are able, tip extra! Many of our friends in the service industry simply can't do their jobs from home, so if you're able to visit them, show them how much you appreciate them with a little extra love.

Order take-out. One way to support while not spending time inside is to order food to go! Check-in on your fav local spots and see what they're offering.

Gift cards! This virus too shall pass, and when it does, we will be so excited to get out and visit our favorite places again. Give the gift of excitement. Send a gift card to a friend and say, "can't wait to go here with you!" 

Of course, please pay attention to all local rules and recommendations, and try not to go out if you're sick. It will take all of us working together (and being extra careful and considerate!) to get through this 💚.

We hope the small joy of a #MatchaMoment is helping to uplift your spirits in these trying times. Try sending tea to a friend and having a virtual tea party! 

Thanks for reading, and feel free to e-mail us with what you're doing to stay healthy & safe 💚

- Sending love, Lauren & The Mizuba Family

For reading this incredibly long message, here is a bonus photo!
Here we are being super tea nerds and wearing traditional Japanese yukata robes while enjoying a festival at the Portland Japanese Gardens last year. The festival hosted the famous Gion Matsuri musicians!

"The Gion festival has been held in Kyoto since 869 and is said to be the oldest continuous urban festival in the world." - Portland Japanese Gardens

Traditional Yukata for Gion Matsuri

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