Mizuba Wins SBA

Mizuba Wins SBA "Nano Business of The Year Award" for Oregon

January 11, 2018

Green is the new black, for Mizuba Tea! 


Combining a life-long obsession with tea and a fateful visit to Kyoto, the cradle of Japan’s tea ceremony, Lauren Danson partnered with a local matcha tea grower and founded the Mizuba Tea Company in 2013.  Danson wanted to share the matcha tea experience with the rest of the world and knew that her Portland-based business would have challenges breaking into a market traditionally known for its coffee culture.  As a new small business owner, Purvis knew she could use some help to guide her through her new journey.


In 2015, Danson participated in the SCORE Women’s CEO Roundtable where female business operators can leverage their collective wisdom and expertise to help one another attain sustainable business success.  She also gained valuable insight and experiences from the SCORE mentors facilitating the roundtable.  The monthly meetings allowed for confidential discussion, feedback, and advice from other CEOs and business owners.  Danson soon realized she was not alone in her journey and gained a new perspective in how she saw her business.


During the past three years, Mizuba Tea Co. has grown an established clientele base of more than 300 wholesale accounts to include major gourmet grocery stores, chocolatiers, spas, coffee shops and bakeries across the country.  The company has doubled its revenue each year since starting in 2013.  Mizuba Tea Co. was named the SBA Portland District 2017 Nano Business of the Year, awarded to promising startup businesses that demonstrate strong growth potential.

From the owner

“The opportunity to sit on the women’s CEO roundtable showed me that I wasn’t alone, that I had community, and allowed me to gain perspective from others on my own business – seeing things I might not see before,” said Lauren.  “I love the medium of tea as a way to bring people together, start conversations – so I know what it has done for me and I just want to share it with everyone.”

photo of Lauren Purvis

For more information

Mizuba Tea Company: www.mizubatea.com

SBA Portland District Office:  www.sba.gov/or

Portland SCORE: www.portlandor.score.org

SCORE: www.score.org

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