Mizuba Honey Mask + Berlin Skin

Mizuba Honey Mask + Berlin Skin

April 17, 2017

Matcha skincare, Naturally! 

When Mizuba chooses to collaborate, we only work with institutions of high caliber, quality, and integrity.

Berlin Skin is no exception - the pride they take in sourcing their sustainable, wildcrafted and organic botanicals and oils is absolutely admirable. So, we're THRILLED to announce our limited-edition Mizuba Matcha Honey Mask in partnership with them! 

What inspired a matcha honey mask? Pure, simple ingredients and perhaps a love of almond milk & honey matcha lattes... 

Akin to Mizuba's commitment to the single ingredient of pure matcha, Berlin Skin intends to complement the minimalist's lifestyle. Founder & Mizuba friend Monica Watson states, "in a world where we're constantly bombarded by loud messaging that begs us to consume more and more, we've chosen a different path: one that encourages a simple, more content sense of well being." 

Mizuba Matcha Photo courtesy of Berlin Skin

photo courtesy of Berlin Skin


Combing the simplicity of matcha with Watson's perspective, the idea of a matcha honey mask was born. Watson is a huge matcha fan, who particularly loves hers in the form of an almond milk latte with a touch of honey (Mizuba note - us too!! Especially with the House Organic).

She says, "When I discovered matcha, I immediately fell in love with the texture and taste experience! The combination of matcha & honey is so delicious, I wanted to bring this same experience in the form of a facial mask, and bring a  spa-like experience to people's homes. The mask also contains a touch of organic vanilla which adds to its heavenly scent. The antioxidant benefits of matcha and the antibacterial properties that honey provides is a beautiful combination for the skin, which is why the formula is a win. 

So what can the Mizuba honey mask do for you? Think mellow, gentle exfoliation from its papaya and pumpkin enzymes, and balanced, soothing moisture from coconut, jojoba, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. Matcha provides the anti-aging and antioxidants, while honey delivers antibacterial elements. With Berlin Skin's holistic approach to natural skin care, you better believe we'll telling you about this mask for a long, long time! 

Purchase your new favorite matcha skincare here: Mizuba Matcha Honey Mask


Thanks to Berlin Skin founder Monica Watson for her words and partnership with Mizuba💚

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