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Artist Series No. 2: Matcha-grams! Our interview with artist Abbie Tjaden

April 24, 2020

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Abbie Tjaden of ARTJADEN and ask her a few questions. Abbie is a Portland-based artist, and she is responsible for designing our incredible matcha-grams, which you can see here. We launched matcha grams with Abbie during the time of COVID19 to help folks feel connected by sending a little matcha mail love! Matcha care packages - one way to make quarantine just a little more special!


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Mizuba: Describe your illustration journey. What does your work say about how far you’ve come, and what does your work bring from your past?


Abbie: Sketchbook and pen in hand, I have been drawing since I was a young kid. Formative years in high school and undergraduate studies led me to purse a masters of fine arts degree. With the desire to keep pursing art after graduate school, I moved to Portland on a whim. It was just after a year of scooping ice cream, I decided to put my drawings onto apparel. I started my own business in 2013, and 7 years later I am illustrating for a living.


I produce hundreds of new design work for greeting cards, art prints, and apparel, along with freelance gigs for clients and shops. I take with me my youthful spirit to capture the everyday, sketching my surrounds and seeing beauty in all things. All of my work is drawn on paper and scanned into the computer. I still believe in doing things the old school way.




Mizuba: What excites you most about your work with Mizuba Tea? About Matcha-grams?


Abbie: At Mizuba, good products are combined with good design. It is playful and full of color. Everybody loves getting snail mail. Grams are so fun! I love the idea of gifting someone a special message to remind them you care. It is a way to connect with others even when we are apart.

Mizuba: What is your relationship with tea?


Abbie: We are going HOT and STEADY. Lol.


I start each day with a cup of tea. And I typically have a mug or two going all day long. Tea has always had a way of calming and comforting me. It is like a self care practice for me. Slow down and sip away.



Mizuba: When you’re not drawing tea illustrations, what work do you normally share?


Abbie: I create lighthearted landscapes and architectural imagery, LOTS of puns- like foodie puns, apparel designs, and FLOWERS. Can we talk about all the spring flowers right now?!!

Mizuba: Can you describe your style as an illustrator? 


Abbie: Whimsical, witty, and colorful. Heavy on the simple line work, but big in the fun department
Mizuba: One more question! What do you hope to share with a matcha gram sender (or recipient)?


That taking time right now to be gentle with ourselves — it is an act of love. This card was made with that same love.


Thanks for the interview, Abbie Tjaden! And if you want to send a friend a Matcha-gram, click here.

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